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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nightmares That Make You Go To Church- Part 4

This is the most recent nightmare that I had, this is actually the one that inspired me to write this series of blogs because I wanted to link all of these together. This is the most recent of these dreams, it takes place in during what seems like a regular dream. If I had to choose a director for this dream I would have to choose M. Night Shyamalan because it caught me by surprise. It was real hard for me to go back to sleep after this one because the idea of all 4 of these dreams just doesn’t sit well with me.

This dream starts out in an apartment with 2 living areas connected by a doorway and one of the areas is connected to the kitchen. Everything was brightly lit and there was nothing out of the ordinary except that I don’t live in an apartment. This nightmare starts out like any other dream with nothing special happening. There are two visitors and as far as I know they are in the living area furthest from the kitchen. My family is visiting with them and then I am sent to get everybody some drinks. So I head through the doorway and into the 2nd living area and into the kitchen. I grab 5 glasses, 2 for the visitors and 3 for the family, put ice in all of them and then fill them up. I look up and notice there is a woman looking in the refigerator and she notices me standing there will all the glasses to carry and says, “Are those drinks for everybody?” I nod and she says “I’ll go ahead and take mine.” She lightened my load so I took the other four to the other room while she stayed in the kitchen.

At this point the dream goes on and with laughing and talking in the 1st living area. I decide to go back to the kitchen and this time my sister comes with me. We get to the kitchen and she says, “Why is there and extra drink here?”

“what do you mean extra, she was supposed to take it” I grumbled

“she who?” my sister questioned

“the other visitor that came over” I exclaimed.

“there was no other visitor, just one” my sister says confused. I then run through the 2nd living area to the 1st and begin to ask everyone but no one seems to know what I am talking about. I begin to panic as I stumble into the 2nd living area. That’s when I see it, there is a shadow on the wall. There is nothing casting a shadow but there is still a massive floor to ceiling shadow on the wall. My heart skips a beat and time slows. My eyes are fixed on the shadow and the shadow begins to move off the wall like a person walking away from a wall they were leaning on. It moves slowly at first, I cant move my feet and every pound between heart beats seems like an hour. At this moment the shadow speeds right at me and I wake up.

Its over but I don’t believe it ever really is

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