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Smelly Finger Tshirts
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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Why Would U Say That? The Podcast- #90 Improvise Shmimprovize

In this episode its like the good old days because I sit down with Ruben Bueno and we have a weird conversation.  We start out this episode talking about the things i would do for chocolate.  We also talk about Mike Berbiglias movie "Don't Think Twice."  Somehow this conversation turned into talking about being fat and fat camp.  We also talk about the very strange things that poor people do and our experienfes doing them.  I tell my Sonora Caves story about how bad it was and Ruben talks about his Carlsbad Caverns experience. After t hat we talk about improv and our opinions of it. 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why Would U Say That? The Podcast- #79 Brass Willy w/ Mike Suarez and Anthony Chavarria

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In this episode of WWUST Me and Anthony sit with Special Guest Mike Suarez and this one gets weird right out of the gate! Mike Suarez is always a blast to have on the podcast! We start out talking about my family and the weird things that go on.  Then we spend some time on talking about transformers and how far that love will take me... Spoiler alert, it turns out its pretty far.  The guys then learn the family legend of Willys dad.  After this we then talk about Anthonys Valentines Day adventure. We all then talk about why we are terrible people! Dont forget to like Tilted Halo Comedy on Facebook and subscribe to the Podcast!
*stories may be exaggerated or fabricated for comedic effect*