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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Smallville The End is Near- a quick Review

Smallville is finally going to end with the series finale May 13( three days after my birthday….. How bitter sweet) Saying goodbye to Smallville will be like saying goodbye to an old friend. I am a recent convert to Smallville, I always wanted to watch it but it just never seemed to happen until I started buying the seasons. One by one I worked my way through the discs, falling in love with the shows high and lows. I even became a bit obsessive leaving me down on a day I left on a sad episode.

This TV series (brace yourself this is going to sound dumb) helped renew my faith in my fellow man. Its easy to get overwhelmed with the butt holery that can go on in the day to day life but among all the trash on tv here is one show that tries its best to live up to the symbol of good Superman should stand for. It might be childish but I think we all need a dose of that from time to time. This show reminds me of that friend of yours that is kind of cheesy nice but is a really great person but you get embarrassed of him with your cool friends. I choose the nice friend over some douche bag fad rider. See how sad I am to see Smallville end I’m rambling now. Now back to the point.

The first few seasons could be compared to Dawsons Creek with super powers but its epic way more than it makes me want Dawsons Creek to dry up. Clark and Lana play the can we dance for a few seasons but when all that finally ended Lana was what we in the real world would call a crazy hoe. Then Lois joins the cast and this chick is so hot and the personality that they gave the character totally blows Lana out the water. Chloe is such an awesome sidekick that she is practically an information superhero and she actually becomes one for a little while. Lex Luthor is the man from the beginning, he is actually the reason I bought the first season because I saw a few episodes and that’s how cool he was. He struggles with his good side because Clark Kent can influence anyone but a scorpion is a scorpion. When Lex is finally turning in comes Oliver Queen to take up the role of the billionaire friend gap that Lex has left open. I have to be honest though I never liked the idea of green arrow in a universe with Superman but this show has changed my mind because Green Arrow is so awesome and powerful a personality he can influence Clark a.k.a. the “Blurr.” After Lex “dies” Tess enters the show pretty quick picking up where Lex left off but Clark actually gets to her and turns her, at least that’s what it looks like so far. There are many cameos from DC universe characters but so far my top 5 character cameos are:
5.Impulse aka the Flash

Clark is so close to realizing his Superman destiny you can feel it at this point.
The April 29th Episode
It was a setting up episode for the darkness aka Darkseid. Clark went into the Phantom zone looking for answers and Oliver forces his way into this episode by pushing Clark into the portal leading to the PZ. They meed the 2 in 1 Zod with old phantom Zod that destroyed Krypton possessing new clone Zod that tried to take over Earth. With double the hate Zod pits Oliver and Clark against each other trying to use the darkness in Oliver to get him on his side. Then there are reminders that the Wedding is days away. (YAY…. in the most girly voice possible) Great episode Clark dawned a red cape which made this episode even better but watching him a Oliver fight was totally awesome.

Hard for me to type this as I shake in anticipation for the series Finale on May 13th  or maybe it’s the Parkinson’s rearing its ugly head….. Either way cant wait.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Fast Movie Review

Five Fast was such an awesome movie…. LET THE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS BEGIN!!!!

This movie started out where the other left off, right when the gang was about to do something awesome and break out Dom from jail. A few things that stood out were Mia was really really skinny, she had the upper lip of a starving African boy. Other than that Mia was really hot. The only thing that is bothering me about this movie is that it was less like Fast and the Furious and more like the Italian Job with the FF cast. The Italian Job was a great movie. There were good car scenes with lots of intensity but there were also scenes that were totally left out because your just supposed to assume that Dom is the best in the world.
Hot chicks and a very intense ending chase scene make this movie a must see for the car lover and I loved every minute of it.

PS. Stay for the credits!!!! its awesome

Get Real American Idol 10

(I know I’m writing this kind of late but I had some things to do and I wasn’t near my computer so I’m doing this right after walking in the door and getting my stupid internet up and running)

I’m not the kind of person that jumps to the computer to blog every time something happens that makes upset, angry or even happy. But I cannot stand for this disgrace to happen without putting some kind of word out on the net about how I feel. I now remember why I stopped watching American Idol….. The voting public can make mistakes besides we are all only human but doing it a second time makes me wish Simon was back on the show. I’m sure you know what I am talking about, Casey Abrams the most musically talented person on the show was kicked off tonight.

I’m not going to recount the whole night for you because if you saw it you know what I’m talking about and if you didn’t see it, Bruno Mars sang and Casey got kicked off, that’s all you need to know. Like many of American Idol watchers and Casey fans I thought it would be James and Casey in the finale, but alas, chalk up one more mistake to the American Idol viewing audience. This came as a shock but at the same time not too much of a shock because this vote just reminds me why I don’t watch tv much anymore. Casey proved to be a musician not just a karaoke singer but America doesn’t like someone to push them out of their nice little pop comfort zone where absurd “artists” like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears reign supreme. This man is talented because someone that looks “unconventional” never makes it very far in this competition because as we all know America is kind of shallow but mostly the producers. (exhibit A- Jersey Shore, B- Kardashians) But this guy proved he had what it took and brought it to America and for a while America loved it but why keep him around when we could keep the beautiful and completely untalented Hailey.

Maybe I’m being a bit judgmental but the part that irks me the most is that there has been no one judging this entire season….. SIMON WHY DID YOU LEAVE US with these fools. I don’t mind the fact that every contestant can sing better than JLO and Steven Tyler looks like a hobo that took the clothes out of a Sears dumpster or even that Randy hates to be demonized. This entire season has been full of praise and bias, at least Simon would say when he was a bit biased toward someone.

JLO has been the mastermind of all the subjectivity that has been going on this season. It was obvious JLO was biased toward Stefano since the beginning, spoon feeding this dude the competition, that’s why I was so happy to see him go. But she also was way too tough on the poor little Mexican girl that loved JLO so much because she played her favorite singer, Selena. I think she is truly evil for hating Karen Rodriguez so much, you could see it on her face whenever this girl would come on stage. It must be because JLO will never be truly out of Selena’s shadow, Selena is not even alive and is the reason that there is a JLO. Then in the top 6 or 7 is when JLO started to take it too easy on the girls also stating that she hopes none of the girls go home….HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE PROCESS YOU TALENTLESS HACK….. The judges are there to sway the publics opinion based on performance and talent not personal opinion.(or maybe I’m just an idealist) Don’t be mad because Pitbull totally overshadows you in your own song.

Then comes Stephen Tyler and Randy Jackson the wonderful YES men that never have a real opinion about a contestant unless someone else does first. Simon thrived on being hated not loved and respected above everything, that’s why his opinion mattered on the show. Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike the two guys I like them both the same but this season just reminds me of one of those little league baseball games that don’t let anyone lose and every bit of the game is spoon fed to them so mediocrity can Finally REIGN SUPREME.

I am only a person with a computer and an opinion, hate it or hate me but the absolute truth is it’s no less/more valid than any other opinion.