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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What’s Wrong With Being Like Scrooge?

Howdy folks its been a while, I’ve been way busier than I thought I would be, but I had to do a post about this because (I know its late) this has been nagging at me for a little while. Tis the season or at least Tis the day after the season and I went to see a local play about scrooge. It was an adaptation called The Gospel According to Scrooge so keep in mind if the things that I say sound a little weird its because this play was a little different. But I have 1 question, what exactly was Scrooge doing that was so wrong that everybody had to come screw with him?

The entire story rides on the premise that scrooge was this dick of epic proportions when in reality he was just a workaholic that hated Christmas. Whats so wrong with that, there’s no rule that you have to love Christmas and even the bible says that one of the only joys a man can have is enjoying what he does. So whats the problem here? If I’m not mistaken in the story Scrooge is some kind of banker or lender, granted that these are some of the most heartless people in the world, but everybody hates him because he wants to do his business and not be messed with. Also it seems like a really small community and it seemed like everybody wanted to be his friend. Here again Scrooge seems like a bastard because he doesn’t want to be their friend but if you take a second look, Scrooges nephew is very poor and in need of lots of help for Timmy. Just a part of the story focuses on Scrooge failing his nephew (I’ll concede that Scrooge is a pecker of epic proportions and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my niece and nephew) but with this great and super friendly community why don’t they get together and help out little Timmy. Because like Scrooge their money is their money.

All in all Scrooge seemed like a rich old bastard that just wanted to keep to himself because he had lead a pretty hard life. Life kept kicking this guy down until he buckled down and got to work and defeated life. Its easy if you’ve never been poor to look at this guy and say why wont he take a day off but when you’re poor nobody gives you any hand outs, I don’t care what the politicians say. He made it, he got rich but it seemed like life wasn’t done kicking him in the head. From a human perspective being a dick is bad but in reality some people are better off being left alone.

The real moral of this story is nobody wants to be your friend when you’re poor but everybody wants to be your friend when your rich. Is it just me or does this story not really jive with the American Dream?