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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick Review- Man Of Steel

There are so many things that I would say about this movie but the 1 word that comes mind when I think of the Man Of Steel is “Finally.” I didn’t think it could be done after it had been done so perfectly by Christopher Reeve. There is no point in comparing the performances between the Superman actors because the point wasnt to do it better than the old one the point was to make a fantastic movie…. Mission Accomplished!

I’ll try not to give out any spoilers if you havent seen the movie (stop reading this and go see the movie, ok finish reading this and then go see the movie). The first thing I liked about this movie is that they didn’t waste a whole bunch of time trying to put this movie in chronological order. Lots of his history was in the flashbacks which is perfect because they only hit the highlights and didn’t have to come up with boring in between parts.

They did get into the Krypton stuff and it wasn’t all crystals and pointy buildings, it was cool. The only part that caught me as weird is when the leading scientist Jor-El jumps on the back of a flying dinosaur thing and rides to wherever it was he was going. It just struck me as weird that he was riding a living thing while people are flying around in ships, I guess its like having flying cars and running from the cops on a horse…. Just kinda weird to me. That is mainly a personal thing because even that was pretty freakin cool. Jor-El and Lara are as awesome and as self sacrificing as you would expect Supermans parents to be.

I was a huge fan of Smallville the tv show that showed Clark Kent growing up and making mistakes while trying to balance who he is, who he wants to be, and who he’s going to be. There was some of that in this movie but bigger. If I’m not mistaken I believe Clark is supposed to be 33 in this movie (what is it with all the Jesus parallels, more on that later). Seems kind of late to be using your powers on the world stage but hey what do I know. Jonathan and Martha Kent were cast beautifully for this movie as well. I’m not saying the part where Jonathan Kent dies brought me to tears all I’m saying it that I can see how it could (to be fair I will admit that I almost yelled at the screen).

Henry Cavil as Superman has got to be the greatest choice since the original Christopher Reeve. Remember when there was talk for superman returns with Tim Burton directing and Nicholas Cage as Superman….. Hilarious and would probably make a great Saturday Night Live sketch but keep your hands off of Superman Tim! Henry Cavil was huge for this part, he was all chest and shoulders ( all this time I basically thought it was a padded suit), he looked like he just walked off of the pages of the comics. And the suit was awesome. The difference between the old Superman suit and new one kind of reminded me of the difference between the old Spiderman costume from the old tv show and the Amazing Spiderman suit, no contest and super cool.

The last thing I’ll talk about is the action…. Amazing! It reminded me of the game play on Mortal Kombat vs. Dc. It makes me think of the Matrix 3 and they way they tried to do what was done in this movie (if they ever make another dragon ball movie they need this guy…. Booo db movie). There is even one scene where Superman doesn’t even bother standing up he just floats up (doesn't sound as cool as it looked). Powerful action and powerful drama make this movie a high octane, balls to the wall must see, so Go SEE IT!

The final Man Of Steel Superman Jesus parallels-

Only begotten son of Krypton

Superman ascended into heavens at 33

Fights forces of evil

Heals the dying

Meant to save the world

….. I’m sure I missed some I just think its funny because they do it with every Superman movie