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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nightmares That Make You Go To Church- part III

This entry is going to be a little shorter than the others but this dreams actually scared me the most. This is the third shadow dream that I have had in my life and it was in the not too distant past. Just a few years ago I had this dream and even it dream time it only lasted about 1 or 2 seconds but it left a lasting impact. This short little dream is something that reached in to my being a shook my very core. It made me get up and turn the light on like a 5 year old little kid that just had a nightmare. There was nothing special about the night that I had this particular dream, it was the same ol routine as usual. I don’t even remember the dream that came before the scary part because it didn’t even matter, it was just a regular dream.

Where this nightmare really begins is at the end of the regular dream. I was walking in a field of bodies, too many bodies to count, they were everywhere. The bodies were dismembered, random pieces scatter amongst the bodies that were still in tact. Blood tinted the horizon red and an orange color filled the sky. There were bodies lifted above all the others on stakes decomposing in the orange light but there were no live people in sight. I started walking and searching, investigating what could possibly have done all this. Stepping over and through the still moist bodies I see a slumped over figure possibly being held up by a stake. Although everything happening is weird I am still not scared at this point so I keep walking with curiosity leading me. I finally reach the slumped over body, I know it should be dead because its not moving, its head is pointed at me and it appears to be bowing. Before I could move my hand to touch it the head snaps up to look at me as if it knew I was there and with its empty darkness staring into my very being it growls at me, “YOUR MINE.” In that second I woke up in my bed with my heart racing. I sat there for a minute reassuring myself that it was just a dream, but deep down I don’t believe that. I don’t know what it is but I know its not “just” a dream.

There is more coming so stay tuned for the conclusion of Nightmares That Make You Go to Church. Sweet Dreams.

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