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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nightmares That Make You Go To Church- Part II

This Nightmare is actually a reoccurring dream that I have been having since I was about 11 years old. This is the second shadow dream but I have had this same dream a few times in my life. It takes place in a totally different place than my house, it takes place at my grandmothers house, but this dream doesn’t start with an eerie feeling it begins with just a normal bright clear day. I never understood why I would have this dream at least once or twice a year but it isn’t like all my other dreams that I would forget after I woke up, this one sticks with me all day after I have it.

It always starts out as a regular day and I’m taking a walk for some reason just a regular run of the mill dream. Then I feel danger as I come face to face with a guy, he doesn’t have a face I can remember but he’s dangerous and he’s after me. At this point it turns into a running dream where it feels like your running in deep mud and the whole of your being just keeps whispering in your ear that you cannot stop because your soul depends on you not stopping. Every movement takes everything you’ve got and he’s getting closer and closer, my heart starts pumping and I know I need to come up with something else or else he’ll catch me. I get the idea to jump into a sewer( it looks just like the one on Ninja Turtles the movie), its dark and threatening but I have to keep moving or he’ll find me. I keep running and its getting easier I’m going faster so now I know I’m getting a way, I finally start to feel better as I let up on the speed but I look back and waiting in the distance is the Shadow man. I feel his menace but more than that I think he wanted me to see him and not the man chasing me. Without a move or a word he threatens me not just with murder but something far worse, consumption of the soul. I start running again and once again its not fast enough so I need to get somewhere safe. Somehow I know my Grandmother lives around this area so I need to get out of the sewer. Climbing out of the sewer my leg is still in and it grabs me, I have nothing to hold on to. The shadow is clawing at my leg but I pull my self out but its still just behind me scratching at my back. I can feel it wrapping its arms around me but I throw myself into the gate entering the front yard. The Shadow began to back off but it didn’t disappear until I heard a shotgun blast. That is when I realized the Shadow didn’t leave because I was in my Grandmothers yard but it was because this yard was protected by someone, someone with a shotgun. I looked at the old man and knew I was safe, I don’t know who it was but I know he’s a friend that would always show up in this dream at the right time.

It was this dream that made me start thinking about this Shadow and how it didn’t feel like a dream. This was the dream that the shadow just might be something else, something that wanted me.

That’s not all folks, stay tuned because there is a part 3 coming. If you have had any of these types of dreams feel free to post in comments I would love to read about them.

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