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Friday, May 6, 2011

Smallville Episode 20 - Prophecy

Almost done so its time to set up the end of the beginning. This was a good episode (but hey does Smallville really make a bad one) It moved the story further than its moved for a while, the last two episodes were good but I like this one for a few reasons. Its cool that Clark is finally embracing his geeky self to let the hero shine.(I hate calling him “the Blurr” because he’s Superman, damit!) This episode proves that Lois is the greatest chick in this entire series because unlike everyone else that ever got Clarks powers, mind blowing moment, she used them the same way he would. I thought that was the coolest part, Lana seasons past just went insane, other people went crazy but Lois held it somewhat together. Although she did complain about breaking heels, I was wondering why you would even wear shoes if you were invulnerable, I bet its because if your super strong nothing can cut your toe nails and that probably gets nasty…. They would be like Wolverines adamantium claws. (yup that was a marvel reference while talking about a DC character, booyaah) All in all I think the ToyMan is kind of annoying but I cant wait for Lex to make his comeback. Kara and Oliver (green arrow) were also in this episode but it was kind of a minor part but it moved the story and we are now geared up for the Series Finale. I think the only thing it wont have is a musical number but I’m not quite ruling it out. The coolest part is that Clark is finally a man, the only thing missing now is the suit.

This next week is going to move so slow for me, I cant wait for the series finale. This show has been awesome and if Tom Welling puts on the suit I think I might cry a little.

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