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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Review of Priest- Vampire Killing Fun

This was a good movie, I didn’t go see it in 3d because I’m not a child I am a man with increasingly bad eyes. Unless you already know about this comic its about a specially trained group of chosen butt kickers called the Priests fighting a war against the vampires. The vampires in this movie don’t have eyes which is kind of cool and the entire movie is placed in a post vampire war time where the Catholic church has assumed power during war struggles.

The Church plays the part of big brother using safety as a reason to keep total and complete control over the people and it looks like a 1984 type setting both Post apocalyptic and futuristic but I think it plays well together. The people that did not choose to live under they tyranny of the church lives in the Wastelands where the people are open to attack. Part of the message this movie brings is following the will of God is not always following the will of the church but mostly the message is Power Corrupts.

This is a Summer blockbuster and as usual if you don’t like popcorn movies don’t see this movie. But if you’re a person that likes to have fun and knows how to enjoy themselves there is plenty of fighting and slow motion sequences to make you finish a whole tub of popcorn. The Priest is a butt kicking machine that was blessed by God to tear vampires apart. I’m not usually a vampire person ever since Twilight and the Sparkles but the blood and guts this movie brings is totally worth it.

I give this movie 4 smelly fingers only because I could have been longer but that’s just a personal preference.

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