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Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol 10- Top 5 Let The Mediocrity Begin

I did not make it a secret that I did not agree that Casey should have gone home last week but I didn’t know how right I was until I saw the sad averageness of the entire show. There were only 2 that did really well and those are the country boy and girl. Scotty and Lauren did awesome.

This should actually be the week that Jacob goes home, I don’t want him to go but you should not get away with putting on such a crappy performance this late in the competition. He’s good but he’s not good enough, I mean come on dude who are you kidding dancing like a chick and singing a Jordan Sparks song….. I’m gonna tell you like John Travolta told the Rock in “Be Cool” “Why don’t you try singing a…. Man song”

James first song sucked, don’t get me wrong he did it well but he shouldn’t have done it in the first place. To me it was just one of his weaker performances. I don’t usually have too many bad things to say about this dude because chances are he is going to win….. I have been wrong before but not often.

Lauren did good on both of her songs and is showing lots of improvement in her confidence. She deserves every bit of success that is coming her way.

The stand out this time was definitely Scotty, this kid has a certain tone to his voice that reminds me of Randy Travis and a confidence on stage that reminds me of Clay Aiken. This has been one of the only times I have agreed with the judges. Both of his songs rocked for different reasons and he did the up tempo and the slow song perfectly. This is the guy that I am rooting for since Casey is no longer in the running.

HOW THE HELL IS HALEY STILL ON THIS SHOW!!!!! Come on America lets get together and get this chick off the show. She is a 1 trick pony and this trick is getting old. The judges are basically spoon feeding her the competition and if you pay attention when they work with the producers Hailey has to get the most help. I think its because she sucks, can you imagine her album…. All the songs are going to sound the same. She shouldn’t have been in the top 8 but she is the only one that is commercial out of all of them so here goes the Silver spoon you hack.

Overall other than Scotty all these performances are just OK and I think America might be running out of talent or at least talented judges. Most of these kids wouldn’t make it past the top 32 in the first few seasons of AI, and which ones can really hold a candle to the first winner.

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