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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And the Winner of American Idol Season 10 is

Good ol American Idol, like the person you never wanted to be friends with but you always have a good time. The season has finally come to an end and even though Casey didn’t win I’m still very happy with who did. The only problem I had is that Haley wasn’t talented enough to win and I thought Casey was too talented not to win. But when I found out the top two were Scotty and Lauren I couldn’t have been happier than if Casey or Paul had made it to the finale. Both Scotty and Lauren deserve to be the American Idol for season 10 but it can only be 1.

The show was crazy good they pulled out all the stops
for the finale of a season that was full of advertisements…. I mean star studded performances. TLC was minus Left eye obviously but looks like they have been shopping in the plus section. Only one was showing off abs and the other was showing off chins. That performance just ended up being sad although the unnecessary Lil Jon part ended up being very necessary. I also thought it was very peculiar that Mark Anthony out shines Jennifer Lopez in almost every aspect except sex appeal. Mark Anthony had that whole Hector Lavoe thing going on while he was singing his song. It was a great performance for Mark. Casey showed up performing with Jack Black and it was great, both these guys can sing and know how to put on a performance. Jack Black and Casey even dressed the same they were really funny. Tony Bennett came out and sang with Haley and as much as I don’t like Haley she sounded awesome with Tony Bennett. Their performance had this classic feel to it and Tony rocked the house.

This was a great show to end this season that was full of some great talent. But after all the laughs and crappy performances put on my TLC and Beyonce there must be a winner to this Season. Scotty has a male voice that rivals the best country male voices there have ever been. Laurens is a great country singer and has a humility coupled with a fun loving personality that makes her shine through all the other contestants.
Scotty showed how good he is singing with Tim McGraw and Lauren show off her chops singing with Carrie Underwood.

And the winner is Scotty McCreery

From everyone here at Smelly Finger Salute, which is just me by the way, we would like to congratulate the winner and we wish you all the success possible.

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