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Monday, May 2, 2011

Nightmares That Make You Go To Church- Part I

Had a nightmare last night which is very out of the ordinary for me because nothing scares me, usually. It wasn’t even a whole dream that was scary…. But in my nightmares It never is. The thing that makes my nightmares scary to me isn’t zombies or king kong not even being a reality tv star. My nightmares are a common theme in my life, they are never different types of scary dreams they are always basically the same.(well the scary part is not usually the whole dream)

It all started with the very first scary dream that left an impact on me that I still remember. This sucker looked like it was directed by Tim Burton but made by Wes Craven….. Scary stuff when you’re a little kid. I remember I was in front of my house which at the time looks like a trailer with one room in front of the other but with the door at the very front, two trees in the front yard but has the vibe of a dark rainy day. I guess its because it was a dream but everything was skewed a little bit like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the house that Charlie lived looked like the house in my dream.

I remember running and hiding behind the curb, you know laying in the street with 2 black trees towering over me with malicious intent. I felt like Dorthy in the woods with the trees throwing apples. Then He made his appearance. The Shadow man, he looks like death but without the sickle and without a face, just an aura of darkness that consistently tries to swallow me. He would haunt my dreams on and off for years to come(anyway back to the dream). He stands far enough away from the edge of the curb that I can still hide from him. He looks out over the street glaring with that blackness devoid of any feeling, then makes his way back to the house but disappears. I beat it, he chased me I won and I stand proud and go back into my house with my head held high. I start toward the kitchen but the rotary phone rings….. rrrrring……rrrrrring….. I sense something wrong as the mood turns dark again. I pick up the phone trying to ignore the feeling that has come over me but no one is there. Hello…. Hello…. Hello? Right then the phone turns black and I drop it and jump back. The black receiver crashes on the floor and right as it bangs the floor the black from the phone spreads into the air and becomes the Shadow. As quickly as it appears it heads toward me and just as its about to touch me….. I wake up.

Remember if this doesn’t seem scary to you I was probably 8 or 9 at the time but I got scared just reliving the dream. This was just the first of these Nightmares, more to come so stay tuned and let me know what you think.

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