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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This Is Going To Sound Nerdy- A Quick Look At X-Men: First Class

I love the X-men, this is going to sound nerdy but I feel the need to say it. This movie looks real cool, it looks like the colors are really going to pop in this movie. They are also using characters that have not been in previous movies but they are also not using character that should be in this movie. I am guessing that the makers of this movie are throwing the original story out the window and just creating one of their own.

Everybody knows that the original X-Men consist of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Bobby Drake, and Warren Worthington III. I mean I know this sounds totally nerdy but I grew up reading these books and its not really the first class without these guys. I mean honestly I am going to watch this movie but why the hell is Havok in this movie. Havok was in X-factor not X-Men, I hardly ever read that book. If you don’t know, Havok is the brother of Cyclops and I don’t get why they would use Havok without Cyclops. Then there is Banshee, huh I really don’t get why they are using this guy. Speaking of Banshee does anyone remember the made for tv movie Generation X, it also starred Banshee as the leader of Gen X and was a hilariously bad movie on fox that you can find on Youtube in 9 parts.

Anyway, I really am looking forward to watching this movie I think It will be awesome even if it totally deviates from the original story and basically shows no respect for all the hardcore fans. Thanks for Raping our favorite stories Disney.

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  1. To be honest. I really don't mind so long as the story is good. I feel that so long as the original story is set up right the characters can be interchangeable.