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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arizona to Start Accepting Applications for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries- Sounds Like A Trick

According to Arizona is about to start accepting applications for medical marijuana dispensaries. This sounds like a desperate attempt to stabilize a weak economy that has favorable projection for the next 2 years but still not in population growth. Arizona is a state that is full of Hispanics/Mexicans or Latinos, whatever you want to call us there are a lot of us there. If I’m not mistaken even when a state decriminalizes medical marijuana it is still illegal on the federal level.

Here’s what I’m hinting at, the government of this state has not made it a secret that they see brown as the enemy and with the decriminalization of marijuana it seems like a trap. If this was a cartoon you could see a person with Arizona on his shirt digging a hole then covering it with leaves and twigs and putting a little bag of weed and a burrito on top. Honestly I mean they have the right to racially profile a “suspicious” looking person, aka if you look too Mexican(better leave the pancho at home), and now your going to have some weed on you. All they are going to have to do is turn you over to the right authorities and you just got busted for being Mexican on a federal charge. I’m not saying its going to happen but lets just say I wont be surprised.

My only advice when it comes to this is don’t stay in a state that doesn’t want you there. Screw those people and anyone that thinks like them….. Viva La Raza.

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