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Monday, June 13, 2011

Comedy Heavyweights - Doug Stanhope

At this moment Doug Stanhope has 43,349 followers on Twitter. Dane Cook has 1,782,936 and this is I wrong I want to help right. Nothing against Dane Cook, he just another flavor of comedian but he’s a flavor that isn’t for me. Doug Stanhope is a level of genius that is almost like listening to Carlin. I would hate to say that his observations are witty but that would just make him just another comic, so I don’t think that’s what makes him great.

What makes Doug Stanhope good enough to make him a comedy heavyweight? Great art elicits an emotional response, a comedian elicits an emotional response, by way of laughter, and a great comedian controls your emotions like symphony orchestra conductor. Doug Stanhope is a master of emotional repulsion during laughing, its really hard to gross someone out and make them laugh about some of the worst subjects. A comedians goal is to make the worst subjects funny but when has Jeff Foxworthy talked about date rape or made a pro abortion argument. Doug Stanhope can talk about anything and because of his intelligence and wit. He has the ability to talk about the most socially repulsive subjects, like abortion, rape, and suicide, and at the same time he is FUNNY.

Ps. If Doug Stanhope ever reads this….. You’re the Man.

Doug Stanhope just recently had an album released in May called Oslo - Burning the Bridge to Nowhere. I give it 5 Smelly Fingers.

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