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Thursday, June 9, 2011

South Park - “Your Getting Old”

This episode was great, it touched on two subjects that I find very important in todays society. Moron Parents that don’t know how old they are and the completely cynical bastard that just has to destroy everything for everyone. Every now an then South Park has episodes like this one that just jump out at you because the show seems to get a little stale or complacent. I must say that this one really started to shake things up.

It all started with Stans Birthday, he got older and the hate for all things new kicked in when the hate for all things old should have gone away but didn’t. This thought, the person that hates everything and can let anyone enjoy anything at their core might be right but just hating everything is no way to live. I agree with the fact that sometimes you need to look through something to see its real effect but when you start doing that to everything you become the kind of person that needs to get hit by a car. Everything and everyone is full of crap that is a simple truth there is no debating that.

The dad in this episode is trying to show how young at heart he is but he doesn’t understand the music either. The writers hit this one right on the nose, dressing like an 18 year old over the age of about 35 begins to make you look like a douche. Trying to be something that you obviously don’t understand at such an older age is so sad but those guilty of this hilarious offense will never see themselves for what they really are….. Old.

I love this episode if you haven’t seen it, watch it.

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