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Friday, June 10, 2011

Imaginary Exploits of Social Deprivation- Cage Fighter part 2

I’m at home and my heart is still racing, partly because I ran but mainly the adrenaline is almost too much to handle. I realize why my coach put me in that fight that could not possibly win. He wanted to start me at the bottom so I could work harder to reach an almost impossible goal. I have felt the rush of fighting and the cage will not be enough to hold my energy next time.

I wake up with a burning desire to get in the cage, to book a fight, but there is nothing I can do now but train. My hand hurts every time I move my fingers but its nothing too bad. I make my way down to the gym and start training with hunger in my heart and determination in my spirit.

3 months later (the is where the montage of working out and really hard training comes in….. think of Rocky)

I’m finally ready for my first amateur fight. I’m backstage and I cant hear anything just the sound of my own breathe. My heart is pounding and I cant sit still, my coach motions to me that I’m up. I walk out to reveal myself to the crowd, I don’t look up and cheers or boos do not matter at this point. The cage sits in clarity amongst the blur of all things that cannot enter my mind. I’m in the cage bouncing from foot to foot looking at the environment I was born for. Vibrations from my opponents footsteps run through my toes out of the blurry fog of the crowd comes a crystal clear opponent into the cage.

Its him, the guy from the bar, I see his mouth is moving but I still cant hear anything. He keeps pointing at me then the floor, the referee steps in the middle of the cage and the first sound I hear is “FIGHT!!” He comes charging at me, jumps for a flying superman punch I duck under and falls into the cage. I close in on him but he keeps me away with his jab. Bam, bam, bam, 3 unanswered hits to the face and my nose starts bleeding. I throw 2 half hearted jabs and he throws up a counter hook so I throw a roundhouse kick to the side of his face…. We both connect. We both go down for a moment, after he is up he is visibly shaken so I push the pace. I close in with jabs, hooks, and crosses. I uppercut him and he falls against the cage I’m about to punch him but the ref grabs me and pulls me away. The fight is over and I win.

Beep. 5 minutes is up time to stop hitting the bag for 1 minute. The story continues during the next round. Until next time stay tuned.
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