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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Comedy Heavyweights - Marc Maron

This is a comedian full of anger and hate, a master of the comedic arts. Marc Maron is a comedy heavyweight because he knows how to bring an audience into his world of sadness on a cloud of happiness. He touches on everything from social issues to talking about his masturbating habits around his cats. He is a lesser known comedian because his comedy doesn’t really fit into a segment of society. He is not clearly racial, political, or anything else but he does what a real comedian can do and touch a common intrinsic string in the collective consciousness.

For anyone that has ever been self loathing Marc Maron is your voice. He says the things you want to say the way you want to say them. Self loathing is his fuel and pessimism is the fire it feeds. Marc Maron is the voice of the devil on your shoulder, he’s not the one that says your not good enough but it sounds like his voice. He brings you to the edge of depression as a guest and makes it so funny you can almost understand how he operates. At the end of his set you feel if he understood himself you would be able to understand him.

The way his comedy works is like how you would expect a peek into his mind to be. Anger, self loathing, but above all laughter. Its almost the view from the psychiatrists chair through a comedic lens. It is totally confessional and feels like a raw honesty. He doesn’t pull any punches and presents reality in his hilariously pessimistic perspective.

He also has a free podcast called WTF with Marc Maron, check it out.

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