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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Imaginary Exploits of Social Deprivation- Cage Fighter part 1

As far back as I can remember I have loved kung fu movies and stuff like that. Fighting has always interested me and I have even taken a tae kwon do class or 2. It’s a very primal thing, the need to protect or even the need to take but the one that still exists is the need for social stature. Fighting comes with a certain social status, just look at all those guys in those goofy shirts nobody tells them anything for the fear that they might know how to fight.

I watch a lot of Ultimate Fighter, I personally think its one of the coolest shows ever. it’s a show about guys beating each other up…. What else do you need for something to be cool. It inspires me to hit my punching bag and as I start so does my Imaginary Exploit due to my Social Deprivation.

My hands are wrapped, I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth every time my fist hit’s the bag. Sweat drips off my hair and down my face. “Time” my coach yells. He throws a towel at me and tells me its time for some ring time. I turn and look, I’m in a massive training facility. I jog to the cage, I’m pumped about getting a chance to punch somebody in the face. I cant see who it is, it just looks like a shadow.

“whats up kid” the shadow seemed to growl.

“hello” the lump in my throat said

“I’m not pulling punches so you better be ready” he roared

“I’m ready when you are” in childish disbelief said.

DING. We start stepping toward each other and as he steps out of the shadow I can see that this guy is twice my size and all muscle. Each punch felt like a brick hitting me in the head. Instinct kicks in and I start bobbing and weaving I punch him in the nose, we pause while my boxing glove is still on his face and I see his eyes turn toward me. He unleashes his fury on me uppercut to the stomach, left to the face, and he picks me up gets a running start and drops me on my back. A towel lands on my face.

“you have a lot of heart kid, that took a lot longer than it should have.” he admitted

“thanks” is all the breath I had left to say.

I get to the locker room with my gym clothes and my pride in my gym bag. I stay focused on the fight I just lost, why would I lose that fight if I wasn’t good enough. I go to the nearest bar to drown my sorrows. Just as I open the door I bump it in to someone standing near the door. The guy is taller than me by about 6 inches. “watch you step junior” he said

“calm down redneck” I muttered back

“what did you say to me?” he huffed

Just as he was about to grab me I pushed him. His fist comes straight toward me and hits me in the mouth, I stumble back and realize that the pain doesn’t hurt in the heat of the moment. So I come back with a punch in the stomach and a right hook to the side of his head and he went down. He was out and the bartender was on the phone so I ran out of there as fast as I could run.

To be continued ….. Stay tuned

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