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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Kind of Pimple Are You?

Pimples can be the most harmless form of frustration. There are different levels of annoying for pimples just like people. Sure there are plenty of people that love you (I hope so) but for every person that likes you there is another that finds you annoying (I’m still looking for the people that like me). So what kind of annoying pimple are you? Are you the kind that doesn’t go away no matter how much you mess with it or the kind that takes a gentle nudge to explode. You tell me.

Lets take a look at the different kinds of pimples.

The Standard Pimple- the pimple everybody knows but seems to show up everywhere you don’t want it to the most.

The Face Pimple- The one that can destroy something beautiful just by hanging around.

The Butt Pimple- The pimple that just embarrasses the hell out of you and you never want to share it with your other friends

The Not Ready to Pop Pimple- the most persistent and never ready to go away until it wants to

The Itchy Pimple- The Pimple that disguises itself as a harmless itch only to reveal itself as something totally different

The Painful Pimple- This pimple is a pain to have no matter where it is

Acne- This pimple never goes anywhere without its friends

The Pop Mark- The one that your stuck with forever

So which pimple are you?

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