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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pitbull We Miss You - F**K Rap Your Listening To A Businessman

Ever since I heard Damn It Man I have been a huge fan of Pitbull buying everything I could get my hands on to support someone that was fast becoming an inspiration in my life. But recently all that has changed, Pitbull has gone from being an everyman hustler to some kind of cartoon character that produces crappy dance music that doesn’t really take much talent to make. Your original fans miss you Pit.

I sit here listening to his early stuff and its not the being gangster that makes it cool. Pitbull is one of the best latino rappers since Big Pun (RIP). I love everything that Pitbull stands for. Hustler, Family Man, all around workaholic. He was a rapper that didn’t go gangster, he didn’t try to appeal to the middle class by dressing like someone from the Cosby Show. Pitbull was simply himself, a man from Miami.

During an interview Pitbull mentioned that he didn’t wear jewelry because he figured why spend $100,000 on a chain that isn’t gonna do anything when he could buy real estate and that could make him another $100,000 and maybe then he might consider getting a chain. When a poor kid is bombarded with mainstream hip hop images of glitz and glamour and jewelry then a single voice reaches above them and says I’m about my business and my family. Its so inspirational.

I grew up around workaholics and the image hip hop portrays is a lazy way to get rich. Pitbull told the truth when he talks about staying on his grind and even in interviews talks about working your way to the top. But my favorite lyric is when he says “F**K rap your listening to a Businessman.”

I still love Pitbull and I hope he takes his fame as far as he can but his Mixtapes are his best music.

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