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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Business Woes

Starting a business is a bumpy road. The payoff is totally worth the struggle but the struggle can be disheartening. We’ve been talking a while now, so I think we’re friends and as a friend I’m going to tell you whats been on my mind lately. Quitting! I’m not going to but it has been on my mind a lot lately. So far I have had almost no sales, views on my items are dropping from almost nothing to nothing. I find myself where a lot of people find themselves when undertaking a venture of this sort, up against our very first business hurdle. I understand why people quit and I pass no judgment. Starting an online business is hard, but I believe I will get through this. I have put everything on the line for this, failure is not an option at this point (that sounds so cliché but its true). I need to put a positive spin on things like, I have not failed I have succeeded in finding what doesn’t work. Boy have I succeeded in that so far. I need a strategy, something to keep me looking forward( to be successful it’s the only way to move). The good thing that has happened out of all of this is that it has angered me. Anger is a fuel I use to keep me motivated, moving and very determined to get what I want. All those easy money people are full of crap! No money worth having is going to come without work, I would not appreciate the journey without some pitfalls. This has helped a lot, thanks readers for letting me vent to you… your such great listeners.

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