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Monday, December 13, 2010

Business as Art

Art and business, two very opposing sides ideals, or are they. The ideals of each are never thought of in any form of balance, there is no yin and yang here, its more like positive and negative. Lets take a look at both and see if there is anything that can be done about this. First lets talk about art.

The bohemian heart is something else, living through your art, enjoying life and the only rules are beauty, truth and love. Living with passion is something everyone at one time or another wishes they could enjoy, finding true love is the dream of many, and being true to yourself is the only way to be happy. The life of a bohemian artist is letting passion lead the way and using feeling and inspiration to paint the masterpiece of your life. What a great thought, unrealistic but a great thought.

Business on the other hand is cold and calculating. It is ruled by logic and reason, a laboratory sterile of feeling. A successful business man is believed to be just the same usually devoid of any likeable personality. A cold machine programmed to for one purpose and one purpose only, profit. Profit is the only god of the business entity and values it over anything else. With the prophet of profit as the financial statement bringing the gospel of the bottom line. A little research will show that the god of business also demands human sacrifice for the glory of the bottom line. One word, despicable.

In the eyes of the law a corporation is a separate entity, like a person, so I think the solution to the unrealistic expectations of the bohemian life and the emotionless corporation is to bring two polar opposites together to create something like what a corporation is under the law, a feeling person. If the bohemian ideals are fused with the logic and reason of business you don’t get a sell out artist or the lazy guy at the office, you get a business with human needs at the forefront. I believe business can be another form for an artist to express his/herself. Fusing the two allows the artist to create a new entity with truth and love at its heart but also prepared for the harsh realities we all confront but doing it at the expense of no one. It allows the artist to create but it also makes the world a better place, isn’t that what all artist really strive for in the first place.

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