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Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Creative Marketing Ideas

Standing out is the key to marketing a.k.a. getting your name out there without spending tons of money. Have you ever seen a big guy in a red shirt? Of course you have, we all have, that is standing out in a sea of conformity. The big guy is your company and it needs to wear a bold color to shout to the world, “here I am, look at me, I matter.”

I’ve been thinking for a while and here are 5 creative marketing tips that could push your business to a new place(don’t forget these are just ideas):

1. If your brand is a hip brand or something that hits big with teens, give it away to influential high school kids. If the product is good enough they will be so grateful they will spread the word to their friends and followers on social media.

2. Give your product away to another business as payment for them to cross promote your product to their customers. If they are not similar or conflicting then it is very possible that another business would go for it.

3. Put your website or your business name on your cars rear window and leave the car parked near the from of a major super market all day (have a friend pick you up or something). A sticker for your window will not cost very much money, you might even bargain with the business that does them as well.

4.Everyone has sponsored baseball teams, but I suggest taking it one step further and sponsoring different groups of people around your town or other towns. Whether it be groups of friends or entire groups of guys that work together…. Feel free to be creative with this one. (don’t be lazy I gave you the idea, run with it)

5. Use your passion to push your business. If your passionate about drawing and you sell carparts, use the drawing social network like deviant art, or art wanted. Whatever your passion get in with those people if your are not already, be bold start conversations with strangers. Chances are they don’t know anyone that does what you do and people are always happy to tell their friends, “ I know a person that might be able to help you.”

These are just ideas maybe they can spark your imagination or you will use one of these, but the key is to stand out and do what the next guy won’t.

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