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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marketing .... It's Hard

Marketing is tricky on the internet. Don’t believe me, well think of how many brand names there are on the net and now think how big the net is. If you take into account how big the net is then its almost nothing that has a brand name, only about a tenth of 1% and that a high estimate. You can find a lot of information about marketing on the internet but after reading the article I usually say to myself, “well, I’ve never even heard of this guy…. Is that his fault or mine?” The articles you find on the net starts to sound the same after a while but I think because the information is simple and true. Most of the marketing is going to get lost down the well of the net but depending on your tenacity the net can be a dead end well or it can seem like that at first but will end up being like the rabbit hole and has a wonderful world on the other side of it.

The real key to marketing isn’t going to be found on the net, mostly because a lot of it is the same and those people don’t know how to promote their site either. If everyone does the same thing then no one really stands out. So what’s the key to marketing you ask….. Stand out!! How do you stand out you ask….. (What’s with all the questions…. just kidding I don’t mind, ask away) the only real way to stand out is to be yourself (sounds cheesy huh, but its true). Your unique ideas mixed with your interests equals a marketing plan that is solely yours and makes you stand out from everyone else. This can be a bit challenging so I invite everyone who reads this to contribute an idea in the comments to help get the creative juices flowing.

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