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Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Newest Design: Wanted Monkey

This monkey is wanted for crimes no monkey should ever do. His first offense is dressing like a stereotypical Mexican, this is not a crime but he did this in Arizona and we all know looking Mexican in Arizona is a crime. His next crime was selling oranges, once again this is not a crime but he was taking jobs away from native born Americans and that is a crime, almost a felony in Arizona. The last charge was for throwing feces at an innocent man who was yelling Mexican insults at the monkey.

This is the newest design I’m calling the Wanted Monkey. I made this shirt to comment on the mess that is going on in Arizona. I’m not a very political person but when people are pushing for racial profiling to be legal then I feel an obligation to at least make a joke about it. This design was originally designed on paper and pencil and it was copied into Inkscape, a free and easy to use vector drawing program.

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