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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To-Do List

The To-Do list is a vital piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle. The workload that comes with being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming but a to-do list will breakdown a ladder into a series of rungs. I feel like Santa sometimes, because I am constantly making my list and checking it twice.

There is an art to creating a to-do list. Start with writing down all your problems or things you have to get done. Next go put them in order from needs to get done first to can wait for last. Now go to the first thing on the list and break it down to all the steps you are going to need to get it done and repeat the process with each of those steps if need be. Put them all in order from has to get done first to its finally done. Now this might sound time consuming but its really doesn’t take that long.

By this point you should have a list of all the things you need to do and all the steps it takes to get them done. Pretty common sense here start with problem 1 step 1. No need to be too religious about sticking to the structure it should work as a basic outline.

Once you get to either 2 things or 2 weeks into the list, here’s the fun part, time to make a new list. The beauty of this technique is when you trying to get something done most of the time something gets in the way or something that you didn’t know has become a new step. But this is the just the way I get things done. I wanna hear from the people that read this either for or against, or maybe you have your very own method of getting things done, either way I’m always looking for new ideas. So lets see what you do.

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