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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How To Draw Cartoons- Drawing Cartoon Hands Made Simple

 Everybody can learn to draw.  I believe that because I believe there is nothing special to anything that I know.  We all know the old say about “practice, practice, practice” but that advice is useless if you have no knowledge of the some basics. Without anything to practice there is no way you can get better, most people don’t know where to start and that’s why people always say I cant draw anything.  All it takes is a little resolve and some practice and you could learn to draw anything. But today I’m gonna show you my hands.

Some of the hardest things to draw are always the hands.  If you’re anything like me this is going to be a difficult area for you all your life.  Sometimes you even end up with the choice between dealing with hands or drawing nothing but shy characters with their hands always behind their backs. But that gets old.  I thought hands were difficult until I learned the secret to drawing cartoon hands… you ready for the secret… don’t get ahead of me. Here it is, the secret is the O and the J.  Does that seem too simple, I’m over simplifying but the basic building blocks to the cartoon hand are the O and the J.  I will show you now with a basic rock, paper, scissors of hand movements.

 O and J.  Simple enough!



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