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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alabama Pastor Says He’s Not Racist

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that this happened. It turns out there is a “Pastor” in Alabama that has an annual conference for whites only. He justifies it by saying that white people are Gods chosen people. This made me laugh the kind of laugh that makes me a little sad on the inside.

I cant believe this still happens. Well, I guess it’s a well established fact in history that stupid people read the Bible too. I’m a Christian but I mean come on, where do you get the notion that white people are the chosen people of God. I don’t know if you have ever read it but I think Jesus was a Jew. And contrary to popular southern opinion he probably wouldn’t drive a pickup and threaten people with guns.

Its people like this that make me hope Jesus comes back soon just so all these knuckle dragging morons will pick up their guns and start shooting the flying Jew in the clouds. I know this will happen because these are the same people that “see” a UFO and shoot at it because they don’t want to get abducted and anally probed (I think because they are afraid they’re gonna like it).

For all the atrocities that people like this have brought upon the world, I still feel the need to thank them for one thing. Its people like this that keep the national intelligence average low letting the rest of us score way higher letting us be in the gifted or genius levels of intelligence. If these people didn’t exist we would just be regular joes. On second thought I would much rather be a regular joe than to have to drive around Alabama and Arizona whenever I’m gonna go somewhere.

Are you a racistist when you Hate racists.?

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