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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Selling on Ebay In December

December was the first time I had ever sold on eBay. It was not a success in the sense that I did not become an overnight millionaire. (I didn’t even make enough to cover the fees) It was a success in the sense I have a better grasp on what I am doing on eBay and a great sense of how hard its going to be. Now we are in 2011 a new year and a fresh start at doing this stuff. The old saying of “never say die” is my new years resolution. I am determined not to give up learning about online selling but I am going to have an iron will. Lots of ideas and promotions coming up so stay tuned. Ebay doesn’t really help in exclusive promotions but as soon as I get it figured out I’m sending it right to my customers. Until next blog… same blog time same blog channel.

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