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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inkscape quick tutorial

Inkscape is my favorite vector design software and best of all its free. Its pretty simple and simple to use depending on what you are trying to do. I like to trace my drawings and make shirt designs on Inkscape. I know there are many levels to doing things like this but for what I need it for it is pretty simple.

Step 1- draw picture with pencil and paper
Step 2- scan drawing into the computer
Step 3- open inkscape (I’m going to assume you have it downloaded already)
Step 4- click file- open and choose the file you saved your drawing under
Step 5- open the pen tool not the pencil (well that’s what I use if it’s a sketchy drawing)
Step 5.1- If it’s a really good drawing with only black and white and solid black lines then use Path- Trace bitmap this should give a clean trace vector of your drawing.
Step 6- use the pen to trace small sections of the drawing and use the “Edit Path Nodes” tool to manipulate the lines. (I try to limit each line to only one curve…. Play with it a little and you’ll get it.)

When your done tracing you will have a complete vector rendering of your artwork. Stay tuned for more Inkscape tutorials I’ll be posting more in the future. If you need any help just drop me a line on twitter @smellyfingertee and I’ll be happy to help any way I can.

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