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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Big And Tall Shirt

I’m a fat dude (no need to beat around the bush) and it is so hard to find a good t-shirt that I really like.  I used to go hunting for t-shirt treasure but store after store of nothing.  Even the stores that did have something in my size it was never something I wanted.  Outside of licensed stuff like comic book characters and cartoons it was so hard to find something unique that I really liked.  The problem with most plus size shirts is that there is a limited amount of the stuff so all the big people are all dressed the same. Nobody wants to dress the same especially us fat people, we would all just end up looking like Comic Con just let out for lunch and the sweatier you are the faster they let you back in.  I’ve had it happen to me and I gotta tell you I hate seeing another fat person wearing the same shirt because then everybody just assumes you guys are friends.

Most of the big shirts you find are so uninspired but even if you go on the internet most people don’t have the right sizes. It was one of the most aggravating things to me is having to find a fun or cool shirt in my size that just might be, God forbid, unique too.  So I did something about it.

I went looking for shirts that I liked which was just the first step in a whole process which is more than just a shirt that fits. Its not that hard to find a shirt that fits but its hard to find a shirt that fits and you like it.  I have shirts from the big and tall store but the neck is huge and just drapes like a blanket, its almost like they closed up a snuggie and called it a t-shirt.  That’s drives me crazy because then the wind becomes your arch nemesis.  Every time the wind blows it blows your shirt as if it was Marilyn Monroe’s dress over a vent and you’re standing there trying to hold it down  while simultaneously telling yourself that there is nothing weird about this. No Thank You! I wanted a shirt with a tighter neck and a thicker feel, something I generally just wanted. The size was an issue too, I wear a 5xlt and that is a hard size to find that a manufacturer just didn’t give up on.

After that the next step was putting something funny on the shirt that made it stand out from the crowd.  The internet has a ton of people with websites selling shirts with heat transfers and other things from great shirts to pieces of crap.  Screen printed shirts last the longest, all of the screen printed shirts I own the image has outlasted the shirt everytime.  Even the image or design is usually not that unique because if you notice most of the most popular designs you will find are all just copies of each other.  I get tired of seeing the same things over and over and over. I would much rather take a risk at coming up with my own funny designs and risk that some of them may not be funny or some of them may be over the line but I can sleep at night knowing that they are my jokes and my drawings. 

Finding a good plus size shirt is so hard to find that is why I took it upon myself to make the exact thing that I wanted to wear.  A shirt I enjoy the way it was made and the quality of it along with my own screen printed joke design that makes the exact statement that I have always wanted to make for myself.  Supplying people with the weirdest jokes that I can come up with on the best shirts I can find are exactly the way I want to contribute to making the world a better place. 

That is why Smelly Finger T-shirts is here to fit your needs because big shirts are hard to find, so why not make people laugh and/or feel awkward just for the fun of it.

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