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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Business Inspirations- Jesse James

A blue collar guy that somehow made his way onto TV. Reality TV celebrity is nothing to aspire for, that is not what makes Jesse James cool. Monster Garage was a great show (am I right welders) but greater than Monster Garage is Jesse James original creation, West Coast Choppers.

I just finished the Jesse James book American Outlaw (I recommend it if you’re a Jesse James fan) and it confirmed my suspicions that Jesse James is one of the coolest people on the planet. This man carries what I believe to be some of the most important characteristics of not only a business person but also a leader. The first of which is that Jesse James is a Hard worker. Hard work is the cornerstone of success, only the lucky can become successful without hard work (you know what I mean if your anything like me the closest you would get to beating the odds is by being struck by lightning). If you have seen any of the Motorcycle Mania documentaries then you know that he doesn’t necessarily have a super outgoing personality or live on drama. So Jesse James ascension to success hinges on his work ethic and his creativity.

The second characteristic of a great business man and leader is Creativity. Jesse James has loads of creativity, it is very evident by his motorcycle designs. Creativity is only as good as the person who wields it though. Lots of people are artistic and creative but only when it’s applied correctly can it become useful in things other than art. Being a businessman means your going to have to be a skilled problem solver and no one is a better problem solver than a creative person. The old phrase “think outside the box” implies you need to think different than the average person but creative people don’t even live in or near the box. Creativity was Jesse James best ally on his rise was his creativity. Sometimes opportunity doesn’t present itself with a bow wrapped around it but it needs to be sniffed out and dug for, that is usually why creative people can find opportunity in a place where it doesn’t look like there is any.

Overall Jesse James is tough, smart, creative and a hard worker. A regular guy that proved that enough hard work can conquer all obstacles. I want to be just like him…. Kinda, except for the tattoos, they look like they hurt.

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