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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Hipsters- A Letter to Hipsters

The following is a letter to hipsters.

Dear hipsters,

I don’t understand. When I went to school there were no hipsters. Is it an invasion? I remember everyone having their own space, for instance jocks, slackers, skaters, gangsters, and nerds. You see what I mean, no hipsters. I don’t understand what exactly you are. The definition of a hipster is a person that follows the latest trends and values independent thinking. That doesn’t make sense to me, you cant be an independent thinker and follow all the latest trends….. Right? I don’t hate you but I don’t understand you and I have never been able to have a successful conversation with a hipster. The only friendly hipsters I have ever met have been homosexual, now that I think about it maybe they just dressed like hipsters.

I’m so confused because there is this new group of people and I don’t even know how to communicate with them. Its also kinda hard to take anyone serious that is wearing skinny jeans. I understand that women wear tight jeans but when men started wearing the exact same jeans once again just confusion. I went to a coffee house and it looked like Old Navy threw up in there. I have met so many with smug attitudes, I don’t mind though. I guess they could tell I wasn’t one of them because I wasn’t wearing the uniform. Smug attitudes usually bother me but if the hipsters I met hadn’t turned their nose up at me we would have spent time laughing about his pants and how they made him look like a teenage girl.

I guess I’m just not cool enough to get it.

Giggles McSlappybottom

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