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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why Batman Is The Most Unrealistic Character In The DC Universe

With the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer out the debate has sparked again.  You know the one, who would win between Batman and Superman?  This question drives me crazy, why is it even an argument?  Its so obvious that someone with Super in their name should be, I dunno… maybe,  superior to a regular human.  But that’s not even the point of this article, the point of this article Is to prove why Batman is the most unrealistic character.

First off just the notion that Batman could beat Superman is like a little kid bragging about beating his dad at baseball.  Yea he won just because his dad didn’t want to murder him but whatever.  Superman is what every little boy pretends to be and Batman is who every little boy thinks he can grow up to be, the problem is that they are both the same amount of unrealistic.

I don’t mean this in a real scientific way either, I mean he is unrealistic because its not consistent.  Like the Superman example, why can Batman beat the most powerful being in the universe but the Joker is his arch nemesis.  He can beat a super powered alien but a crazy guy with a couple knives is just too much for him, give me a break.  Batmans most dangerous villains are just morning exercise for Superman but you want me to believe Batman is the best… please. 

His money is ridiculous.  There are rich people in the world but why would no one notice that Bruce Wayne is Batman,  just because he dates hot chicks and is in the tabloids.  Its kind of like iron man, if Tony Stark wasn’t so upfront about being Iron Man everyone would figure it out because who else would have the resources and the brains to be Iron Man.  If Batman being as smart as he is and the worlds greatest tactician, wouldn’t the people growing up with him have noticed even if it was just teachers?  They would be sitting around the teachers lounge of the boarding school chatting about Batman and someone would say you know who could have been Batman, he had the brains the money and the military resources, The Wayne kid.  It would just take a mention before it caught wind and the tabloids would be waiting at the gates of Wayne Manor then someone would be persistent enough to notice that Batman always escaped the same way in the same direction, or they would just see the airplane and where it landed.

He knows every Martial Art?  Nobody has this much time! The guy that came up with Batman… and trust me it wasn’t Bob Kane, must have been that little kid you could never shoot with your finger gun because he was always bullet proof or you missed or his mom was calling him or you weren’t watching when he became everything proof.  Either way you put it I hated that kid and it bothers me when a fictional character cant be beaten.  So Batman was supposed to be like 10 Bruce Lees, I don’t think so.  Even Bruce Lee said that unless a person has more than 2 arms or 2 legs its all the same style of fighting. 

Maybe I’m just being a child, maybe I just like Superman way more, or maybe its just too much of a stretch for me… Don’t even get me started on Robin!