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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Does Anyone Else Think The Big Bang Theory Is Offensive?

I had been hearing about this show for some time, so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot after a ringing endorsement from my brother. I guess the basic premise of the show is nerds living together and theres a hot neighbor. The show seems to center around this ding a ling with absolutely no personality and hopefully was bullied a lot in his past.

I have to say that I Really hated this show, I found it to be really offensive. Although I think this is how the average person thinks of the average nerd. I grew up around nerds as a nerd myself and this show was making pull out my own hair, that’s not a nerd that’s Rainman. Rainman is really smart and has no access to his emotions. Nerds have always been some of the most happy people I have ever met in my life, they don’t cover their emotions they are usually very free with them.

I blame this freakin tv show for that attitude that you run into sometimes when a person is just so blank about everything…. Kinda like Napleon Dynamite. That might be the cherry on top of why I hate this tv show, I hate that blank emotionless stare from a person so in love with themselves they are even amused by their silence.

I tried watching this show and it made me want to kick all of them down the stairs and I was offended on 2 levels, the first being as a fan of comedy and the second as a nerd. I don’t get the big deal of this show maybe its personal preference or maybe I just got really offended because I felt like they were making fun of me. Now I know how Catholics feel when they read anything about catholics in the news.